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Poor little orangutan suffering from a year of neglect is finally getting help (Video)

big ole eyes

Those eyes!!  Poor little guy.  He was ket in a chicken cage for the first year of his life and fed condensed milk which was slowly killing him.  You cans see how swollen and deformed he is right now and whines in pain whenever he is moved.  Hopefully he will make a full recovery.

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What a firefighter sees as he goes into a burning house to rescue children (Video)

hero fire fighter

Crazy.  Respect the brave!  They can’t even see where they are going.  The kids are unresponsive so they can’t even yell for help.  Just moments in the house and the firefighters are covered in soot and can’t even see once they are out of the house.  These three poor children were home alone when this fire broke out!

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Evander Holyfield shows us why road rage is bad (Video)

redneck has road rage

I love how they showed the most redneck white guy ever, even in a pick up truck!  Evander pulls ut his angry eyes for this little PSA.  That is one black guy that doesn’t need to show off a gun, just his serious face!

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Key & Peele do a press conference as Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman (Video)

Key & Peele are footballers

I like me some gravy…  If you have followed all of this you may find this funny.  If you have no clue about sports you may miss this whole joke.  In honour of Super Bowl Sunday I give you this marginally funny skit.

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Season 5 trailer for Game of Thrones (Video)

who will lead

Looks like shit is about to get really real!  Everyone has been holding their breath waiting for this next season and although you have to wait until April, it is closer than you think.

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Stephen Fry: “God is wrong, stupid and a maniac” (Video)

stephen fry

Here is a quick clip where Stephen Fry was interviewed on “The Meaning Of Life” and he doesn’t hold back on his thoughts of what he would say to God if he ever met him/her/it. He is very clearly an Atheist and has expressed these views in debates and interviews before. What do you think of his views? Agree? Disagree?

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Everyone is protecting Tom Brady saying – I am the Locker Room Guy (Video)

matt damon touched the balls

Now we know who deflated the balls.  Those accents oh my…  Play spot the celeb in this one.  This was pretty funny making light of an interesting situation.   BUT the actual best part in this whole video is the very end.  Such a well delivered burn.

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New Snickers commercial with the Brady Bunch (Video)

brady bunch snickers

I love the new Snickers commercials that they are doing now with the celebs.  This is awesome including the old school twist of it all with a couple of great actors as usual.

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Trailer for Ted 2 (Video)

ted is back

Sorry ladies, Ted is off the market!  I wasn’t sure when they said they were doing another one but it looks pretty funny.  These are the type of comedies Seth MacFarlane is good at.  Even Marky Mark is funny in these movies and that’s a taste all on its own!

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The life of a male porn star (Video)

man in porn

Logan Pierce seems so completely normal, which I guess is a bit of a shock for me.  Pretty down to earth guy that likes the outdoors and looking for love.  He is well spoken and puts this whole porn thing out there the way that he feels about it and doesn’t make it sound degrading.  Well done little documentary about a new dick on the scene.

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Self proclaimed best looking couple in America (Video)

love my abs

These two are jacked, lets start there.  They live, breath and eat muscle and that is amazing!  She seems pretty down to earth and he seems overly cocky.  Why can’t jacked up people ever just be humble?  I am not a fan of those veiny muscles on women but they both look great!  I also don’t know how being jacked up makes you the best LOOKING couple in ALL of America because they are not that pretty….

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First grader supporting his strong best friend through cancer is magical (Video)

no hair for cancer friend

Get your tissues people cause these kids are amazing!!!  How amazing are these 6 year old friends?!!  For his best friend, he cut his hair, raised money, learned about cancer and makes him smile by not treating him any different.  People can go through their whole lives and never find a great friendship like this.  Adults could learn so much from these boys.  So simple and pure and those parents must be proud!

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Bud Light’s Super Bowl ad has a man in a real life PacMan game (Video)

PacMan game for real

This is pretty awesome.  I wanna play!  It’s hard to find a person that didn’t like PacMan back in the day.  Also if you have ever been really drunk, getting home sometimes was like a PacMan game of your own.  Awesome commercial but your beer is still shit…sorry.

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Get cocky and you get knocked out in boxing (Video)

get your hands up

Never fight with your emotions.  One of the first things you learn when starting any kind of fight training.  This guy gets all cocky and starts dropping his hands which sets him up to get laid the f*ck out!!  Javier Rodriguez lands the perfect punch right on his chin and it is Night Night time

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These weather temps seem a little high… (Video)

weather is off

Seems like normal temperatures for Arizona.  That’s a bit of a screw up.  I just thought this weather man was great.  He handled it with such class and humour.  He wasn’t thrown for a moment.  Favourite line.. “I think steel boils at this temperature… so don’t even bother looting.” lol

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Cat gets hit by a car, buried, only to come back 5 days later! (Video)

Not so dead cat

Anyone ever see the movie Pet Cemetery…yea…  What a crazy story!  Cat actually doesn’t look to bad for being smashed by a car, pronounced dead and then clawing it’s way to freedom!!  When my cat died we put him in a box and buried, him so lucky for this little thing that didn’t happen!  Just such an almost unbelievable story isn’t it?!!

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Obama sings Funky Town (Video)

Obama sings

Hot Damn!  Man I loved this.  Love this song, love this president and love them putting such a funky song to his words.  I laughed at this and enjoyed the editing that was done.  It has to take quiet a bit of work to put these kind of videos together.

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First ever Super Bowl ad about domestic violence (Video)

ending domestic violence

I’m not gonna lie…this kinda gave me chills. This one is titled – NO MORE’S.  One of those things where you don’t really need to say a lot to get the point across.  Pretty smart to start doing this kind of stuff during super bowl as most football players are the ones beating on their spouses lately.  You have to assume their are a lot of football fans that may be the same way.  Ladies, stand up for yourselves and your children and NEVER let a man treat you anything less then the princess that you are!

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A cat catching a snow ball in slow motion (Video)

crazy cat jump

Here is your awesome cat video of the day!  Orange cats are just in a class of their own.  They have such crazy personalities.  This cat not only loves to be out in the snow, he also loves a good snow ball fight.  Great little video.

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Budweiser’s super bowl commercial – Lost Dog (Video)

horses and their dogs

Awwwwww….they have the pull on heart strings down!  I guess you can’t miss the mark when you have horses and puppies as best friends together.  Amazing how much caring and love they can put into a one minute beer commercial.

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Tom Hardy & Gary Oldman in Child 44 (Video)

tom hardy

This movie set in 1953 Soviet Russia is called a politically-charged serial killer thriller.  Not quite sure what is going on or who the bad guy might actually be but it looks like an intriguing movie. I’m a huge fan of Gary Oldman.  Will you see it?

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Preview of Louis CK’s new comedy special (Video)

Louis is funny

He is a funny funny man!!  He is also extra awesome for selling his special for 5 bucks, right off his website.  Everything he says is so funny because you can relate to the jokes he tells.  If any of you have kids and have flown you know the feeling of hate life!

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How women’s body types have changed through out the years (Video)

current boy types

Such a weird vast contrast of what the “ideal” body was.  So they like them a little chubby back in the day and now everyone is superficial and has to have plastic surgery to feel good about themselves.   Which era do you prefer??

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Drone video of Auschwitz concentration camp (Video)

death camp

Watching this even 70 years later just makes my heart hurt.  I can’t imagine all the people that took the trip back here to Auschwitz this year who were prisoners or had lost so many family members here. It’s almost weird how put together it still all is.  I’m surprised people didn’t go and burn every inch of it to the ground.   Poland now keeps up the grounds as a World Heritage Site and it is visited by thousands of tourists and survivors every year!  The block 10 and Block 11 was called the block of death where most executions took place and the posts you see there in the middle is where they use to string them up by their wrists.  Such devastation..

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