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Almost choking on some Hennessey turns this thug respossible real qucik (Video)

drinking in a car

He was all gangster until he spit out liquor all over the place then he is worried about the police.  Why is he even doing this stuff in his car?!  Don’t drink and drive dude!!  Looks good on him.  No cop would believe he wasn’t drunk if they pulled him over.  I laughed harder then I probably should have at this.

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Dog thinks he’s a fish and dives 12 feet for rocks (Video)

wild diving dog

Incredible!  This dog taught himself how to dive down for rocks and will go pretty much as deep as the water.  This is just awesome to watch.  Even when he gets down tot he bottom he almost walks around looking for a rock.  What an amazing dog.

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Detroit VS Everybody by Eminem and a bunch of other dudes (Video)

Eminem rapping

No one can touch Eminem in the rap game.  Dude just has so much talent.  This is Eminem’s new pet project to give some Detroit rappers some play time.  The other people in the video are Royce da 5’9, Big Sean, Danny Brown, Dej Loaf and Trick Trick.  This wasn’t that bad.  I even enjoyed it a bit.

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Racy commercial for an all natural burger (Video)

naked chick commercial

Well if that doesn’t get you interested in burgers then nothing will.  This will be the super bowl ad that most of you will never see on TV because it is just to much for some people.  Charlotte McKinney is hot as hell.   She is being dubbed the new Kate Upton.  Personally I think she’s hotter then Upton.

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Lars Andersen takes archery to a whole new level (Video)

bow and arrow professional

Even if you are not interested in bow and arrows you will love this video.  You can’t deny the talent that this dude has!  He has taken a hobby beyond the next level.  Some of the crazy things he does you can only really appreciate in slow motion.  This is all pretty badass.

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In South Africa armed men pretend to be police and try to rob a Chinese couple (Video)

armed thief

You can’t f*ck with Asian people!  They never go quietly and just give up.  The black BMW is the one trying to be hijacked where the white BMW had 5 men armed to the tits.  This couple fights as hard as they can from being robbed of their car and lives.  Looks like this armed men didn’t end up getting anything really.  They found the BMW later with a police bulletproof vest, reflector jacket, uniform, 74 rounds of ammunition, and unlicensed firearms.  Close call for this couple.  What’s with the chick recording this?  You will risk your life to film it but won’t let the poor woman in your car?!!

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Cute newborn pygmy hippo (Video)

baby hippo

Have you seen anything cuter when it comes to “wild” animals?!  That little hippo makes you want to have one of your own!  So friggin’ adorable.  Even men will enjoy this cute little bugger, then go out and chug some beer or get in fight to feel manly again…

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Ball boy gets hit in the nuts off a tennis serve (Video)

ball in the nuts

Ouch!  Do you know how fast and hard those serves are?!!  Every man came running for that poor kid.  Kid was a grade A champ for trying to brush it off and still act professional.  Good choice for letting him off the court to take some time for his balls to drop back into place.  No way that felt good.  Looks like the Australian open is off to a great start.

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The Victoria’s Secret angels look like they are playing football (Video)

girls and football

How cute, them trying to be all male athletic.  I guess how else would they get a mans attention during football season.  I’m sure every man watched this and thought, Oh right Valentines Day… They did a great job in the edit department.  It is almost like they were actually playing.  Not one piece of hair or make up is out of place.  Nice one.

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Angry hockey dad doesn’t know his own strength (Video)

angry dad

DAD SMASH!  Don’t get him angry…you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.  One mother..”Way to go Paul!”  haha.  It is just so great that he didn’t mean for it to happen but he didn’t even flinch, just pointed at the kid.  Talk about intimidating someone.  These are girls playing and that dad was just sick of watching his daughter and the rest of the team get physically kicked around.  They say it was his wedding ring that broke it and he feels bad about it and paid for the glass.

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Funny bad lip reading the NFL (Video)

NFL talks

Oh my god this was pretty funny.  So many favourites I can’t even pick the best.  I don’t even care about football and this made me laugh.

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POV of the number 1 run through an urban type mountain bike track (Video)

mountain bike trail with people

That intense.  You would really have to know this course well or you are going to take some innocent people out!  It’s all so beautiful, intense and scary all at the same time.  The cheers from the people must give you one hell of a thrill.  Now lets see all the people that screwed up this course!

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Some new footage of the ongoing fight in Syria between Kurdish YPG And ISIS In Kobane (Video)

Fighting in Syria

This isn’t even as intense as I’m sure it gets but still just insane to watch.  I can’t even imagine this as a daily life.  All these ravished places use to be homes that people lived in and now they are just rubble and shelter from gun fire.  I guess this is the “urban” area where they say the fight has now moved to just the outskirts of this now.  Most of these poor people are just fighting just to fight.  More because they have too.  Crazy stuff…

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Something to hit home with you all, Don’t Drink and Swim (Video)

dead girl swimming

So pretty much don’t drink and swim while death is around.  This video had me in stitches yet still gives you a meaningful message, sort of.  These awesome guys went all out for this video, even drowning a car.  Wait..did all the white people die?  Weird..

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Join the party on this half naked guys patio (Video)

party on my deck

The party never stops for this dude.  He knows how to have a good time by force.  Half naked dude can move too.  It is like his very own stage and he is a performer!  You are welcome girls…and gay dudes.

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Trying to get blood washed off a car prank (Video)

car blood prank

People are almost scared to question what happened except for the last manager guy.  Funny no one mentioned dents or anything but I guess the sight of blood is weird enough.  Hilarious that some people actually wanted to help though.  I enjoy these kind of straight up not over the top stupid pranks.

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Just Obama, being the man as usual, shutting up the haters (Video)

Obama silences people

This was the best way to shut up hecklers and naysayers.  Even the haters had to enjoy that in your face moment!  How do you shut up people that are pissed you won?  Rub it in their face that you won TWICE!!  I have never seen more disrespectful politicians toward their President then these people in the last many years.  Yet the rest of the world thinks that America finally got it right for once with Obama and we all would gladly take him in a heart beat.  I just love this clip.

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Taking a closer look at the biggest pic of the Andromeda Galaxy (Video)

the galaxy

This is the biggest image ever taken from the hubble telescope.  So impressive.  Amazing how far it all has come and how small this makes you feel.  We are just a blip on the radar in this grand universe.   Just stunning to look at.

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Norway fire fighters give this burning car a push down the hill…. (Video)

Rolling burning car

They see me rollin’…  Talk about things going from bad to worse!  This melting car is getting doused with water when the water pressure gives it a little boost down the hill.  The cop even risks his life for a moment trying to stop it but I’m sure even if he could find the parking break it had long been melted away.  Thankfully the guard rail held and caught the car so it didn’t go flying into some houses.

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Mom tries to make a birthday video while dad is yelling at the football game in the background (Video)

Birthday baby

Sounds like dad’s team is not winning today.  He is a Seahawks fan and I think the packers were winning at this point.  Who knows but I found this hilarious.  She’s trying to have a nice moment to send to the Grandmother a birthday video and instead this is YouTube gold!  Catchy little song..

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Woman has a child like tantrum because she missed the ferry (Video)

Ferry freakout

They have times for reason.  Sounds like she was a good five minutes late and it seemed to be other peoples fault?…  I guess they didn’t wait for HER!  It sucks when you miss things specially a ferry that only comes every hour or so but seriously, grow up.  Be pissed, huff and puff but to stomp, scream and cuss like this is just insane.  Makes ya look crazy hunny.

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Chick twerking out the door of a moving car and falls!! (Video)

falling out of a car

That suuuucks!  She almost deserved that though.  Twerking is bad enough but twerking out an open car door WHILE the car is moving is just plain dumb.  Lucky for her she only received a few bumps and scraps.  She could have easily cracked her head open!!

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Sick bike tricks as these guys play a form of follow the leader (Video)

amazing tricksters

Amazing.  The tricks that come out of these to are so impressive!  My son thinks this stuff is impossible but while watching this video he is ready to go try some shit.  Nice edit on the video as well.  Just a clean sick video to watch!

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Bad day when you hit a cop from behind and knock him off his bike (Video)

cop gets hit

What a dumbass.  Bad enough that you are jumping the gun and following to closely but pure karma that it’s a cop.  That cop jumps off his bike and almost throws a bit of a tantrum.  Then he realizes, wait..I’m a cop…you are now screwed!!

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