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Bud Light’s Super Bowl ad has a man in a real life PacMan game (Video)

PacMan game for real

This is pretty awesome.  I wanna play!  It’s hard to find a person that didn’t like PacMan back in the day.  Also if you have ever been really drunk, getting home sometimes was like a PacMan game of your own.  Awesome commercial but your beer is still shit…sorry.

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Get cocky and you get knocked out in boxing (Video)

get your hands up

Never fight with your emotions.  One of the first things you learn when starting any kind of fight training.  This guy gets all cocky and starts dropping his hands which sets him up to get laid the f*ck out!!  Javier Rodriguez lands the perfect punch right on his chin and it is Night Night time

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These weather temps seem a little high… (Video)

weather is off

Seems like normal temperatures for Arizona.  That’s a bit of a screw up.  I just thought this weather man was great.  He handled it with such class and humour.  He wasn’t thrown for a moment.  Favourite line.. “I think steel boils at this temperature… so don’t even bother looting.” lol

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Cat gets hit by a car, buried, only to come back 5 days later! (Video)

Not so dead cat

Anyone ever see the movie Pet Cemetery…yea…  What a crazy story!  Cat actually doesn’t look to bad for being smashed by a car, pronounced dead and then clawing it’s way to freedom!!  When my cat died we put him in a box and buried, him so lucky for this little thing that didn’t happen!  Just such an almost unbelievable story isn’t it?!!

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Obama sings Funky Town (Video)

Obama sings

Hot Damn!  Man I loved this.  Love this song, love this president and love them putting such a funky song to his words.  I laughed at this and enjoyed the editing that was done.  It has to take quiet a bit of work to put these kind of videos together.

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First ever Super Bowl ad about domestic violence (Video)

ending domestic violence

I’m not gonna lie…this kinda gave me chills. This one is titled – NO MORE’S.  One of those things where you don’t really need to say a lot to get the point across.  Pretty smart to start doing this kind of stuff during super bowl as most football players are the ones beating on their spouses lately.  You have to assume their are a lot of football fans that may be the same way.  Ladies, stand up for yourselves and your children and NEVER let a man treat you anything less then the princess that you are!

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A cat catching a snow ball in slow motion (Video)

crazy cat jump

Here is your awesome cat video of the day!  Orange cats are just in a class of their own.  They have such crazy personalities.  This cat not only loves to be out in the snow, he also loves a good snow ball fight.  Great little video.

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Budweiser’s super bowl commercial – Lost Dog (Video)

horses and their dogs

Awwwwww….they have the pull on heart strings down!  I guess you can’t miss the mark when you have horses and puppies as best friends together.  Amazing how much caring and love they can put into a one minute beer commercial.

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Tom Hardy & Gary Oldman in Child 44 (Video)

tom hardy

This movie set in 1953 Soviet Russia is called a politically-charged serial killer thriller.  Not quite sure what is going on or who the bad guy might actually be but it looks like an intriguing movie. I’m a huge fan of Gary Oldman.  Will you see it?

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Preview of Louis CK’s new comedy special (Video)

Louis is funny

He is a funny funny man!!  He is also extra awesome for selling his special for 5 bucks, right off his website.  Everything he says is so funny because you can relate to the jokes he tells.  If any of you have kids and have flown you know the feeling of hate life!

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How women’s body types have changed through out the years (Video)

current boy types

Such a weird vast contrast of what the “ideal” body was.  So they like them a little chubby back in the day and now everyone is superficial and has to have plastic surgery to feel good about themselves.   Which era do you prefer??

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Drone video of Auschwitz concentration camp (Video)

death camp

Watching this even 70 years later just makes my heart hurt.  I can’t imagine all the people that took the trip back here to Auschwitz this year who were prisoners or had lost so many family members here. It’s almost weird how put together it still all is.  I’m surprised people didn’t go and burn every inch of it to the ground.   Poland now keeps up the grounds as a World Heritage Site and it is visited by thousands of tourists and survivors every year!  The block 10 and Block 11 was called the block of death where most executions took place and the posts you see there in the middle is where they use to string them up by their wrists.  Such devastation..

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Awesome teacher leads a whole high school performance to Uptown Funk (Video)

high school dancing

Damn that teacher can move!!!  That is the Director/Theatre Arts Teacher Scot Pankey leading everyone who trusted him so wisely into this over the top epic High School dance.  I love how he included everyone and they were all colour coded AND he is almost the only white guy and can shake his thang!  This is A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School in Dallas Texas.  Such a great job and deserves to go viral.

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Kim Kardashian’s sort of funny T-Mobile commercial (Video)

Kim commercial

Sorry…Kin Kardashian WEST..ha!  This is actually a pretty good commercial where she seriously pokes a little fun at herself and gets paid to do it as usual.  It’s great how they just put “famous person”, cause she hasn’t done anything else.  This is what happens when you live in an age of social media.  This is probably the only thing I have ever liked her in.

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Mail man in Australia makes friends with all the dogs on his route (Video)

mailman makes friends

He even know their names and who are the real prick dogs!  This is someone that cares about their job and the people or animals around them.  Such a great way to make friends out of enemies.  I laughed when he got to the border collie and what a dick that dog is.  I have a border collie and she can be a real c*bt sometimes.  He ends this video in true Australian fashion…

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Dog to the rescue!!! (Video)

Save the human

Dog almost caused more pain to both of them then actually helping but adorable none the less!  As soon as this dog feel the human is in trouble he literally jumps into action to save the day!  Such a hero.

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Awesome animated short video with kickass music – The Curse of the Sad Mummy (Video)

saddest mummy ever

Poor sad little mummy…  This was just amazing to watch!!  The animation was crazy and the music was great.  The song was so sad and powerful.  You felt bad for the little guy and he doesn’t even win a friend in the end :(

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Terrifying footage of the car bomb going off in the Philippines (Video)

big car bomb

2 people are dead and 54 were injured in this brazen attack that the government said Abu Sayyaf bandit group is responsible for.  They say this is in retaliation because the group in a failed attempt, tried to break some of their men out of jail.  So many horrible people in the world doing things to just innocent by standers.

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Huge ash explosion from a volcano in Mexico (Video)

Mexico volcano ash

The most active volcano in Mexico, Colima, is seen here exploding ash way up in the air.  There are villages that are located at the base of this volcano but no ones houses were destroyed and no one evacuated.  I guess they are just use to this shit.  Mother nature is a wild and crazy thing.

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Some NHL players have fun on the ice with GoPro’s (Video)

make the save

I enjoy watching things like this just to see the pure talent that got most of them to the spot where they are.  This was fun to watch.  The fake slap shot move was awesome but I love all the fancy footwork and puck work the best.

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Cat gets some much needed help from the dog (Video)

Need some help?

Well at least someone helped me, thinks the cat.  Did that amuse you human?  The dog was not down for your childish human games and helped a brother out.  Awesome that the dog knew what needed to be done and gently took the cup off.  He then probably went and trashed the cup because it was shinny and red.

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If you want some excitement, you can travel while brown (Video)

weird plane ride

Pure genius.  It’s funny cause it’s true.  You know you’ve been on a plane and done the nudge thing with your friend.  How many times have you been picked for “random” checks??  I actually shouldn’t speak about that, my husband has tat’s all down his arm and gets stopped almost every time!

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Blind man sees for the first time in 20 years with these special glasses (Video)

I can see

These are new eSight electronic glasses that let the legally blind actually see!  Isn’t science amazing!!  Of course he is tearing up, I can’t even imagine being able to see your friends and family.  They even do fundraising on their site to help ease the 15 grand price tag for those people who really need and deserve som sight back.

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Did the NASA telescope catch a UFO?? (Video)

Earth from a far

What is that thing?  It’s even more odd that the cam cuts off as soon as it comes into view.  Why do NASA’s HD cams show the worst pictures of things?!  The big question still remains…are we the only ones out here….?

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