Thank you to all of the dads who have made so many wonderful dad jokes over the years, many of which I stole for this video. There is a partial list of sources below!

Thanks everyone for your kind wishes during paternity leave. It’s been intense and wonderful. I am glad I had a joyful way to return to this channel even though there’s a lot to be concerned about in the world and my country right now. I really love making these videos, and I am very lucky to have this thing in my life.

If you’re able and interested, John and I will be having many fun times at NerdCon: Nerdfighteria in Boston, February 25th and 26th.

I just found out I was dating a communist.

Father Figure

I can saw wood just by looking at it

I wear my leather shoes when I’m sneaking around because they’re MADE of hide.

Why do scuba divers fall backwards out of boats?

I love how the earth rotates, it really makes my day.

Tupperware? Tupperhere!

You know where you get chicken broth in bulk?
The stock market.

“How long is dinner going to be?”

Oh boiling water…you will be mist!

Good Morning, how’d you sleep?

What book are you reading?

Why won’t you untangle!

Orion’s belt is a huge waste of space

What do you get when you divide a poop into three pieces

How many sides does a circle have?

Huh…there’s a hole in my shoe…
ME TOO! It’s how I get my foot inside!

Jean Jacket


Will Smith

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